about ayandesazan

introduction of a company

Ayandeh Sazan Faraz Damavand Company has been in line with the construction industry of the country since 2011 and is one of the largest suppliers of construction needs by using modern technical knowledge and reputable and well-known brands.

Possessing technical knowledge and executive potential, as well as the support of a large group of manufacturers, suppliers and executors of construction services, led the company to provide all construction materials and equipment during the employer’s schedule.


At Ayandeh Sazan Faraz Damavand Company, we always try to meet the trust of the audience by improving the quality and observing cost savings and providing desirable services. Commitment, honesty, customer orientation, pragmatism, quality and preservation of the environment are among the values of this It is a company and we have always tried to maintain this value in offering products.  Availability for the audience is a lasting commitment to this collection, and the creation of a strong and efficient distribution network across the country is an achievement that has been achieved by raising this value.